Market Research Tutorial: Writing Effective Market Research Reports and Presentations

You've now done all the heavy lifting. You've analyzed your data, produced frequencies and tabulations (otherwise known as "descriptive statistics") and you are ready to write your market research reports or make your presentations.

In the experience of the market research tutorial, market research reports tend to follow a template which consists ofthe following elements:

1) An introduction--the introduction crisply summarizes the purposeof the study and its intended use. Include the study objectives here.

2) Methodology--a short description of the method used, the population that was sampled, the number of interviews, broken down by respondent categories (e.g., heavy, medium and light users), the margin of error (see the Sampling section), and the dates between which the data was collected.

3) Key findings--exactly that--a short summary of findings on the objectives and any other salient insights from the data.

4) Detailed findings--usually this would consist of the findings for each objective the study addresses.

5) An appendix--including the questionnaire and any other support materials.

Usually, each organization has a preferred look and feel for reports into which this general structure can fit.

Some market researchers prefer to present the most interesting and eye-opening findings first and then work back to the more mundane findings rather than follow either the objectives or the questionnaire flow. Whatever works effectively for you and your organization.

Also, market research reports often are full of charts, graphics and tables. Popular business software suites offer plenty of such options.

Our caution here is that less is more. If you try to cram too much information onto one page, your readers/viewers are likely to get lost. Make sure that your main point is highlighted and notdrowned out with other extraneous information or bright colors and glitz.

And last, congratulations! You've reached the end of the market research tutorial. We'd love to hear your feedback and to know what other information you might find useful here. Write to us on the Contact page.

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