Market Research Tutorial: The Importance of Market Research Pre-Testing

At the risk of sounding like your mom telling you to eat your greens, this market research tutorial is now going to try to impress upon you the importance of "pre-testing" your quantitative market research questionnaires.

If you've followed the guidelines of effective market research questionnaire writing, you should have a reasonably good survey instrument. Now you're may think you're ready to start collecting data.

Before you pull that trigger, it is wise to run a test of 5 to 10 completed surveys to make sure there are no glitches that slipped by your reviews of the questionnaire. This is especially true with telephone surveys. We suggest you listen in as your data collection center makes the calls to see if there are any places in the questionnaire where respondents are hesitant, confused, or ask for clarification. Likewise with online surveys. Test them out to see if respondents make comments about given questions or seem confused in any way.

It's also wise to ask for feedback from the interviewers who did the test interviews. They often can help you understand issues respondents are having with a given survey.

Once you've done this, thus ensuring that you have the best possible survey instrument in the moment, you're now ready to "go live" and collect your data.

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