Market Research Tutorial: Data Collection

Let's assume that you've taken the market research tutorial's advice and are opting for either collecting your market research data through telephone surveys or online.

Here again we'll sound a little strict: if you decide to go with telephone surveys, do NOT try to do so on your own. We've seen numbers of organizations that have phonerooms with customer service reps or sales people, either handling inbound calls or makingoutbound calls decide that, hey, we've already got phone people, let's let them collect the survey data and we'll save a ton of money!

Right, and we do have that proverbial bridge for sale.....................

Seriously, this is a mistake and a bad one.

Years ago, the reverse happened. Some market research data collection firms got the bright idea that they had all these people sitting in phone rooms collecting data and every now and then there would be no data to collect so all that resource was just sitting aroundgetting paid. So they tried to turn them into telemarketers.

Flat out, it didn't work and no reputable market research firm does this.

Why? Simple. The mindset required to collect data properly is miles from a sales orcustomer service mentality and making the jump from one to the other was just too much for most phone room workers to handle. Either they'd stay in sales mode and annoy the heck out of respondents on a market research study (and collect bad data by the way) or they'dstay in research mode while trying to sell and would sell nothing.

While it may seem simple to collect data by phone, it's actually deceptively simple. Market research data collection firms spend a lot of money training their people in the proper techniquesof administering surveys. And they train the interviewers on any specific study that the interviewerworks on.

Look at it this way: you've spent lots of management time and energy (that's money, right?) developing your market research plan and project. Why save a few dollars on data collection and risk the worst of all possible scenarios in the market research world: getting bad data. Honestly, having no data is betterthan having bad data. Bad data leads to bad decisions. Period. Can I get an Amen?

So shop for a market research firm that specializes in data collection, especially if you are going todo the rest of the process yourself. We might add that you'll probably want this firm to be able to give youbasic market research data analysis as well. (More on this later.)

For online surveying, the market research tutorial certainly recommends getting professional help as well.

Surveying is a specialized discipline and firms that provide these services can produce data collection much morecheaply than you can on your own. Especially when you factor in your time and that of your organization.

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